Still with beige.

I have this mid-dark beige fabric and I can’t remember where or why I have got it which is very unusual.

beige fabric

It’s a nice Japanese looking beige fabric. I have one yard of it which is very unusual for me too. I must have had some special reason to buy it but can’t remember…

But now I have decided to use it up.

I picked up navy fabrics, mostly Moda’s Kasuri and Shibori range. They are Japanese style print and go very well with that beige one.

And I made some sort of apple core style block with some difficulty… But they are fitting nicely now.

apple core

I was going to put just beige one to fill the space but that was quite boring and I ended up adding a skinny green strips. 1/2″.

pieced top

What happened here was… initially I was going to stop without red one but the composition looked odd. I needed to add 3-4″ on that side but original beige one run out. They are same shade of beige so I decided to add and let quilting to unite them. Hopefully!

Now, my design concept was Japanese Tokonoma alcove where people hang hanging scrolls and place flower arrangements and so on. I was going to put some appliquéd flower arrangement in the empty space however since extra red fabric was placed, it changed my idea.

So there was one maple leaf.

appliqued leaves 01

And a few more…

appliqued leaves 02

And this is the finished top.

finished top

I have started quilting and hope to finish it before all the leaves are gone in our garden!


On the other news, I would like to have a workshop of making a scrappy pouch. All are welcome either quilter or non quilter!

scrappy pouch..jpg