Happy new year

Hope you are having great start of new year.

I am being a bit slow starter. No particular reason but just other things are taking over my life and quilting has been on a side a bit. But class is back on now so my routine should be back to normal 🙂

This is my first quilt top of 2019. I had that blue metallic icy fabric a long time and wondering what to do. It was too beautiful to cut up small or being a supporting act.

Then I bought some Shimmer series by Jennifer Sampou which are subtle metallic fabric too. And I decided to put all together with a bit of ordinally cotton and small pieced blocks. Now to quilt!

Before the Christmas, it was horrible wet winter and around the time of Christmas, it has been very cloudy. And we finally had some decent sunshine today.

Our garden is quietly blooming. Some are early and some are late. I have to get outside a bit more soon.