I actually quilted this quilt before Ruth’s quilt but didn’t bind it until last week. And finally I hang it up to take some photos today.

Modern quilters Ireland is going to have an exhibition at St. Patrick’s hospital in Dublin for the second time. The theme for this exhibition is “Fun“.

We were given this theme a while ago and what that word brought to me was circle shapes. I don’t know why but circle shapes remind me of that kind of feelings. Blowing bubbles, balloons, Ferris’ wheels, Merry-go-round….

And I thought of kids running and spinning bicycle rims. I have never done this in my life but those pictures which come up with kids of after the war era or developing countries look like having fun. Kids play with anything even when they have nothing and they look so happy.

So I decided to make a quilt with a thin circles. Colourful circles on a neutral background because this is modern style quilt.

quilting detail ring 05

Each square is 8″ by 8″. Circles are from 4″ to 13″.

I got some cool fabric for the background from various Irish shops including my own 🙂

I quilted with some gentle curves with variegated thread to break up big space of background as well as adding some movements.

quilting detail ring 04

The inside of circles are quilted to make some shapes like mandala, dream catcher, camera lens or just some geometric shape.

quilting detail ring 02

quilting detail ring 03

The background was little bit more organised doodle I think.

quilting detail ring 01

I bound it with scarp binding made up with all the background fabrics.

It’s about 56″ by 56″.

Ring finished quilt

Now I better attach a label before send it away!

Final Poster 2 2017