It’s been a good while since I participated the quilt challenge by Curated Quilt. This time, I had a bit of time and challenge was inspiring and interesting, so it was a time for me to make a mini quilt.

The challenge theme was ‘counterparts’ and the design to be ‘linear’.

I like straight lines for the patchwork part but not much for quilting but I stayed within the linear design concept.

The limitation of colour choice is always difficult but using just two colours fitted for the ‘counterparts’ theme, I think. And I had a lovely pink and sky blue to go together.

My idea was really simple. Straight lines in a mirror image.
Create thin straight lines with fabric and quilt it with straight lines.

How wide those fabric lines should be to be a good looking?

I made one with 1/4″ strips and one with 1/8″. 1/4″ one had two lines and 1/8″ had four.

1/4″ was much neater finish compared with 1/8″. I need a bit more practice!

Too simple or too busy as design? I couldn’t decide until I quilted.

Quilting was done with blue and pink thread. Both had two shades. I used two layers of wadding to see if that makes the finished quilt more interesting.


Not sure if the double wadding did me any favour, to be honest.

And after days of pondering over those two, I decided I like the 1/4″ strip one more than 1/8″. But still, in the scale of mini quilt of 12″, 1/8″ looks better. 1/4″ is just too thick. But over all, I like the 1/4″ one because it’s simple and clean.

What do you think?