La Passacaglia quilt

I started La Passacaglia quilt back in spring of 2016 after watching them appearing online so long. There was me don’t want to do what everyone doing but this pattern was so beautiful. And there was me not want to do fussy cutting which most people do with this pattern.
And that summer I kind of needed to have something to do by hand sewing and I started the long journey.
I carried bits and piece with me here and there including Japan, UK and some parts of Ireland. There was a time whole thing was put on a hold for long too.

My quilt was actually not fully proper La Passacaglia. I used the base rosette pattern and I modified it to explore what kind of shape/pattern I could make with it.
So after finishing each rosette, I was at my PC to draw something different for the next round.

The whole thing grew very slowly without having full idea of what it would look at the end.

And then the quilting. Since it is a heavily pattern based quilt, what I did was to respond to that.

And the quilting had to be on a hold for two month this winter which could make me to start quilting totally differently. Well, I did forget I was using yellow thread only and I quilted with red thread on a red star. Since everything is so busy, it is actually very hard to find this red thread even from the back!

I love this backing fabric by Tula Pink. When I saw it, I just wanted have one. It’s a bit heavier fabric for backing but it’s so smooth and well just gorgeous!

Would I do English paper piecing project again soon? Not for a long time especially anything in this scale!

The border has gone a bit wavy! I know the one reason is the quilt density but I am hoping stretching helps to fix it but I am not that worried about it since this quilt is just for me.

It’s about 91″ by 96″.