Fox and Geese

The storm Brian came over Ireland and I couldn’t go to Wicklow Patchwork Group’s meeting and workshop after that on last Saturday. Luckily the workshop was on Sunday as well and storm went without much incidents and I attended the workshop.

The workshop was run by Emer Fahy who is teaching quilt making many years and textile expert especially history. I know of her a long time but since we live a bit far away from each other, I never attended any teaching occasion she had until last year. It was Irish crazy patchwork made with tweed mainly and I haven’t finished hand embroidery bit yet. Anyway she knows so much of so many things and wonderful to just listen her talking. A few people had antique quilts and Emer could tell which era those fabrics were made or which traditional style and history behind it.

This time, the theme is about colour and I was more interested in how to teach/learn it.

We used a block called “fox and geese” and used scrap of fabric to colour that in.

basic pattern


The top one was coloured with light to medium colour and bottom one was with light and dark. It’s an interesting block to make various pattern.

And we looked at how it changes the look by block placement.

turned patern two#turned patern onetiled pattern

The first two are mirror pattern. I would use different green fabric for the big triangles if I make the first one in real because the centre square will be too blocky. I prefer the second one as a block. What do you think? We actually didn’t discus the third one as repeat pattern but used to make a actual block pattern. And this is the one I made.

my fox and geese.

Yes quite literary, Fox and (Flying)Geese because even before the workshop I wanted outcome of this workshop to be a baby quilt.

And it’s done!


Foxes are quilted to make them more like fox. I didn’t geese but around them. Large pebble on border and loops as tree on green mountains.

There are few modification since 2″ half square triangles looked too big.corner 01

I debated about those pink fabric with myself. Those should be one piece of half square triangles or add a bit of white or just not having pink at all, i.e. white?? In the end, I took the second option but I am not quite happy with that but I left it.centre

If it repeated, it would make a nice pattern I think. But to make a baby quilt, I stopped at 40″ by 40″.

finished quilt