Update November 2017

I am not making anything big right now because I am busy filling gaps for the up coming Christmas Fair at the beautiful Lisnavagh House. It’s literary stone thrown away from our place and the house is beautiful.

Some items are very Christmasy but not all are so.

pin cushions


Some big and some small.

pot stands

table runner 01

It’s almost done but a few more bits to make on next few days.

In a meanwhile,

I am making plan for the next year’s class. Would anybody interested to have evening drop in class? Thursday evening perhaps? I will have six week fixed term class as before but some people miss some weeks and I feel sorry for them. Please let me know which one you are interested in.

Drop in class – for people who has longer commitment to quilt making and not want to harry anything.

Six week class – for people who wants to try out quilt making or need to achieve/finish a quilt within a certain time.

Both will start mid January.

Wednesday morning class will continue for people prefer day lights!

I love to have people sewing and chatting and hoping to built more number next year and then I can be open for the class more often 🙂

Also happy to travel near by community 😉

tree mugrug