Quilting a world map

I am making masks for more than two month now. Things are getting better and slowly mask wearing idea is spreading to the public too.

To keep my sanity, Mrs. M send me this to quilt. I was more than delighted.

It’s a panel, one piece printed world map. 36″ by 42″. I heard she got it at Threads of Green in Kilkenny, in case anybody want it 🙂

The first thing to quilt was outline of all the lands. Yes I did that including all those tiny islands. Although, they were quilted as I filled the background.

And then a fun part. Maps need ships, monsters and animals for a extra decoration. I didn’t quilt monsters here but some creatures, one ship and a yacht.
To confess, I am not good at drawing man made structures and finding more than two ship with distinct difference was not much fun so I put more creatures instead.
I tried to draw/quilt a tuna fish but unless the shape is so characteristic, it wasn’t easy which kind of fish to put there. So mostly just plain fish shape there.

Albatross and some kind of fish
A big ship and giant jellyfish
Turtle and Nautilus
Seal and Puffin
Whale and Tuna fish(trying!)
Polar bear and iceberg
Penguins, Stingray and yacht

All the background on the sea was quilted with swirl fill as you can see.
While I was quilting all that, I had to make a plan for the land part. There was no way I could just quilt over all pattern because that would ruin the look of this map. The best plan to me was to quilt all the borders which I did in the end. That reminded me a jigsaw puzzle map of Japan I had when I was a child. Each piece was the shape of each prefecture and we learnt map that way.

Anyway, some area have a lot of border and just quilting them gave enough texture. However some countries were so big and needed some filling. Started quilting Russia which was the biggest, and then moved to smaller ones. I could go on quilting until I hit ones smaller than 1/2″ but I stopped around the size of my palm to not quilt too densely.

Here is the view from the other side. I covered up this when I finished quilting this time to give a better finished quilt for a recipient.

And the front. Binding was 1/2″ wide for extra protection of edge.

Thank you for letting me have fun!