Beige two

I have the second beige quilt finished. I haven’t got a name for it yet. The design concept for this quilt was Japanese Tokonoma alcove but I don’t really like the sound of Tokonoma for some reason so I am not calling it Tokonoma. Any ideas?

I started quilting around the maple leaves which was done as outline and echoed it and then stem was added with red thread.

quilting detail 04

There is a very famous old Tanka poem (5-7-5-7-7 syllable poem, longer cousin of Haiku) with Autumn theme and this poem mentions Tastuta River. The river turned beautiful red with Autumn leaves. From that, Autumn maple leaf design in Japan has a river on the background very often. Naturally I did the same with quilting on the background. And then waterfall with ripple(see above).


Mid Autumn is for moon gazing. Big full moon was filled with swirl of passing clouds.


And I added three Japanese fans which are filled with grass seed head(above, it is upside down), Ginko leaves(below, in the middle) and Cosmos flower(one beside the ripple).

maple 02

Little bit of mountains at far.

quilting detail 05

And then fill up the rest with geometric shapes.

I knew those these wooden structure before but I didn’t know the name, Kumiko lattice. Great grid pattern isn’t it. It was quite confusing until I had got hang of it but due to limited space, it was twice more confusing to quilt. It required a lot of marking and quilting with ruler for the straight lines.



Easier view of quilting from the back.


quilting back 01

The red fabric was quilted with decorative feather.

quilting detail 07.jpg

And at very last I quilted those indigo part.

indigo 01quilting back 02

It’s 32″ by 45″. Japanese influenced wall hanging in beige.

finished quilt.jpg