Christmas decorations

I actually haven’t sewn anything Christmassy this year and haven’t sewn a while for ourselves. Only things I made with Christmas fabrics are for swap or shop and I have very very little Christmas fabric. Probably unusual in a quilting world?

Anyway, these are made a long time ago before I had proper quilting cotton, wadding or tools and probably any knowledge either.

A long time ago we didn’t have space to put up a tree so I made this wall hanging with curtain fabric remnants from our local curtain factory except the green one. I think I bought it from curtain shop in the town but not quite sure. I can’t remember how I cut them but all angled with 60 degrees. Since I didn’t quite know about quilting it is all tied with metallic threads with no wadding and I stitched hooks and eyes for hanging decorations.


Made in 2002 or 2003

Little buttons and other sewn decorations are added little by little every year and I bought tiny decorations too.


Some decorations are from hubby’s childhood which we still have.decoration-04

This little mouse is about the size of my thumb nail.



And I made a kind of advent calender but no chocolate pockets.


Made in 2003 or 2004

The idea was all those appliqué bit was covered with fabric with numbers written and remove them everyday. Sorry I haven’t put those covers back on a good few years.

This one has some quilting fabrics (progress!) but majority were curtain remnants including bias tape on the tree. And yes there is still no wadding and proper quilting. I only stitched two layers together while sewing those little sequins.

It is probably hard to believe we didn’t have many quilt shop in this country just over 10 years ago. Things are certainly getting better!