Making waves

That’s the theme for the Irish Patchwork Society’s this years exhibition.

Various idea came and went through my head until I got this idea.

The gravity in between of the moon and earth is the cause of tide. That became a objects for my quilt. Now, how?

How to make each circle shape was my question. You may have noticed by now I am not quite interested in to make realistic looking art quilts. One of reason is I don’t think I will ever have enough colour of fabrics. I just wanted to have fun. Polygon shape looked like a fun patchwork project to do. So I drafted the shapes.

The largest triangle is about 2″ for both shape because I didn’t want to have fabric any bigger and at the same time didn’t want skinny ones to be too small. poligon earth..jpg

Larger one is about twice the size of smaller one and it was copied and enlarged and divided to smaller parts(Yes there are some mistake on this draft which was fixed at sewing stage).

Like the last quilt, I printed the pattern and glued 12 sheet of paper together for the larger one and two for smaller one.

It was foundation pieced but I didn’t place any number. Just cut paper without making y-seams and stitched on it.

Smaller one came together in one day. I did pivot turn while stitching two foundation pieced sections together. Gentle angle didn’t cause any problem for pivot turn but deeper ones were not quite possible. I had to consider how to cut the larger paper pattern not to cause that problem again.

white globe

I managed to sew only this much on the day one. Four sections. It required more ripping and resewing because some angles were just not easy. And there were more seams!

start of piecing

After slow process, I made all 22 pieced

This one is more than 24″.blue

I don’t have black fabric very much. For that reason, I couldn’t make entire background and only made partial one. By squaring and taping down border fabric, I managed to make this background with rather large holes properly square.


Then larger one was pinned and machine appliqued.

pinned top

It was to stick out more to left and bottom but my improvisation of background making didn’t work very well and it was only slightly sticking out on the bottom side.

And then smaller one was reverse appliqued because that make it look like much further away. Don’t you think?

finished top

Quilting will come soon!