quilting 01

Mighty Lucky Quilting Club – May

This month’s designer for the Mighty Lucky Club is Amy Gibson of stitcherydickorydock.com. The theme is to create big impact shape with colour and fabric. I am sure we all have been in that maze.


For a last few month I was making quilts with improv. piecing more often than before and it was fun to do so but at the same time I was missing the satisfactory of doing a good piecing and feeling secure to know where it lands when it is finished. I wanted to make a quilt with good block design. This month’s activity came to the perfect timing for me!


And also the latest fabric stock to my shop had this cute fabric I was determined to use before disappear.


faraway forest detail

It is a busy large print which I don’t use very often. So my challenge was to make a baby quilt with this fabric.


This is the design I drew on  my PC. Cream coloured parts are going to be the fabric above, squirrel. I needed green fabric which contrasting to the squirrel one and other white/cream fabric for the other square as coordinating. Red squares in the centre of each squares are going to give a bit of interest.


Why did I pick green for contrast to white? Because blue makes this quilt cold and red is already strong eye catching. Purple/lilac might be a good alternate but I don’t have that purple/lilac I want for this quilt.


baby quilt 2016 squarrel..jpg

I picked two green fabric for each different shapes. I could use same one for both but 1) needed some contrast and 2) the one with tree is quite busy and one with mouse is, well, too many creatures on one quilt.


I could use much stronger green to enhance the shape but for this quilt I didn’t want that much contrast with green. In fact I used those red fabric for the vivid contrast.



I had a hard time to choose one from these three apricot. One on the left was bit too strong and shouty, I didn’t like the dark brown leaves on the middle one and I didn’t have enough of right one! Luckly The Quilt Shop Tuam in Galway had a last few FQs.


orange fabric.jpg


I  design quilting as I go because I don’t know what I want to do until I start. I do have one or two of definite at the start. And when I see that in real, I can have more ideas.


I quilted squirrels first. Has this shape got any particular name? I wanted star shape to be enhanced.


quilting 01

I moved on to other blocks with simple swirls because these are some sort of background.


quilting 04

I made larger squares by connecting triangles and then quilted green fabric to be flat.


quilting 03

I added diagonal lines on the other green fabric to add movement and left red and yellow squares to be un-quilted but triangles bothered me.


quilting 02

I quilted outlines of print. Not entirely but to add some interest.


I bounded with purple/lilac fabric and also used it for the backing.



finished quilt 02

It’s 50″ by 50″. Forest creature baby quilt!