Last year I took part on Project quilting’s, online challenge for all six of them. It was fun but exhausting so I decided to step away this year but keeping eye on it through FB group and their link site. Then when I heard the theme for the second challenge of this year, I was very interested and had an image of quilt stuck in my head. But I made it in my own time and here it is!

The theme was “triangulation.”

I designed 1″ wide framed triangles interlocking with each other. In order to make 1″ wide strip show up well, the height of triangles became 12″ and to have enough of them this quilt grew quite big but not quite big enough to be on a bed.

The design was printed on actual size and glued together to be used as foundation paper piecing template as you can see below. Yes I forgot to flip it over before printing and I had to trace them all on the back of paper!

This is a picture of fabric audition. All the triangles are bright and strong colours to stand out loud!

fabric audition

Because some background was quite big for foundation piecing and I wanted use up all the fabric I cut out, some parts were actually pieced.And then uneven border was added to shift the centre to right.finished top

I used Varoli Well’s this beautiful wood print style fabric, Lucy and Ollie for the background because of it’s light yellow colour and very interesting print. There is a lot of detail but from far it looks like a large scale print and matches triangular theme too!

Initially, I was going to quilt it with very geometric design but I wanted to have a flow so I quilted some 01fish 02fish 03

And added funky feathers.feather

And the some bubble here and there. Then I filled the rest with wavy lines.detail TBdetail BL

The inside of triangles are filed with imaginary sea urchins, well that’s my intention anyway.

detail TR

detail TLshadow

It’s about 75″ wide and 40″ tall.triangles