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A miniature quilt

I am making a miniature quilt. I am quite not sure how small it should be but this is what I am making.

I wanted it to be appliqué work rather than tiny piecing(like this one) but I decided to make the border with patchwork. This was the drawing with the border/frame.

drawings 01I could do fused appliqué but needle turn is much more beautiful, isn’t it? My favourite method is back basting appliqué because I don’t need to make templates nor drawing the shape on the right side of fabric.  It suits if you are using a lot of different appliqué shapes. So the slow process started last Monday but it is smaller than A4 size paper it didn’t take that long.

applique detail 03 applique detail 01 applique detailBit of fussy cuts were done for some piece to bring out the better colours. Since they are small, cutting out the shape from fabric was much more fun. I could add stripes on triangle shapes and pink flower head on tear drop shapes. Those brown leaves were the most difficult. I shouldn’t try to do wiggly lines in this scale…

finished appliqueAll the appliqué got done and added the border which was a challenge as you can imagine but I managed:)

finished topBefore I quilt the real one, I did a test one to see how quilting look in this scale. I ust drew the appliqué lines on white fabric and quilted with white thread.test quilting test quilting detailI am pleased with it although I am not quite sure it is miniature enough. It’s very interesting to see density of quilting and what it brings out. As you can probably see I like quilting with plume and feather shapes( well they are kind of same shape applied differently) but I want to add more different shapes. Back to drawing now!


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