New Fabrics!

A while ago a bunch of fabric arrived at my studio/shop.

This one is from Lunn studio, artisan batik. Dosen’t look like batik at all dose it. It’s almost white but a bit of variegated light beige and white dots.


AMD-16806-162 ECRU by Lunn Studios from Artisan Batiks Dot Dot Dot 2

Big print of ferns and mushrooms and snails too. The background is mid grey and leaves are little bit blue side of green. Those yellow are almost luminescent. Fronds Unfurled Grey 01

This one is minty green but not quite sweet as mint because of light blue in the centre of each flowers. Very pretty green 🙂 gree flower 01


This one is very slightly peachy side of pink background. Yes it’s very pale. Those tiny prints are buildings and some map symbols I horizon pink 02

This one is almost white. What those print remind you of? It’s a map! But perfectly innocent geometric horizons white 03


This one is 108″ wide quilt backing fabric. Pattern is from Architexture series. Tiny and dense cross hatches of light blue on white background. architexture wide 02


All are listed on my Etsy store, . Do pop over to browse for more.

And of course, available in person if you are in Ireland!