Catching up

Since my last post, small things happened.

During the Wexford Opera week, I finally managed to hang all three insect quilts side by side. I think dragonfly one should be in the middle but that required too much hustle so this was the way. Since firefly one was so dark and spider one was so light, they were not good being in a same photo together, for me anyway!



In the middle of that week I held a workshop to make illusion pattern (thank you for the permission to do so to Caryl) and this was the result of the day.  Aren’t they lovely? If you have a group wants to do this pattern, contact me for the workshop.

workshop result


Irish Patchwork Society was looking for postcard quilts themed 100 year anniversary of women’s voting right. I didn’t get much inspiration for that except short hair and small hat which was popular fashion those days.

So I drew this. My drawings were result of copying comic pictures and I did a lot back then. But I haven’t done much since graduated from education system. Muscle memory hasn’t disappeared completely.

girl drawing

I needle turn appliqued above to the pieced background. I lost the neckline somehow… The hat part has extra layer of wadding to make it bit puffier. Quilting on the background was to imitate hand writing.

girl postcard


And over the weekend I made a incubator cover quilt for the neonatal care charity.  The pattern was interlocking plus which came together quick once I arranged all the cut fabrics. Arranging them took much longer then sewing! Quilting was loose swirl which is an economical/not time consuming way of it. I am happy to quilt your quilts in this way if custom design is not your thing.

incubator cover quilted

Then I realised I made it a bit too small and I had to add 2″ on both ends with purple. This quilt needs to have flaps to see inside of incubator without removing. So four slits were added and bound all the way around.incubator cover front