mini improv quilt

I have meant to enter quilt challenges by Curated quilts since I found out about it but I kept missing deadlines. But finally I’ve done it this time.

The colour theme is cream, yellow, mustard yellow, navy, moss green and grey and the inspiration for the quilt is Connections/Improv.

This was my fabric pull.

fabric pull

All are from scrap boxes except cream one. When I started looking for mustard, I couldn’t find right one. I had some bought as mustard but when I put it beside those yellows it didn’t look like mustard at all! But I found some tiny ones hidden deep in the box. Grey one is died with probably ivy berry with iron as mordant a long time ago.

Since I had a very little amount of mustard, the first thing I did was to place them sprangly over about 18″ by 18″ space. And then filled the gap with whatever I fancied.

This one is the result of improv piecing. Most fabric didn’t get cut and I just used whatever the size they were.

finished top

Quilting was started at cream background. My idea for quilting was a little landscaped housing complex to reflect the given inspiration, Connections. There would be trees, bushes, hedges, pond and stream. Paving and stepping stones too. All coloured fabric would be buildings.

quilting detail 02quilting detail 01quilting detail 03

It’s about 15.5″ by 15.5″.finished quilt



By the way, this is the spider I embroidered on my last quilt.





2 thoughts on “mini improv quilt

  1. What a sweet little quilt! I love the piecing but that quilting is just the kind I like to do most. I’ve been looking so long that I may steal ideas, unintentionally, of course.

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